Ask Koopa Troopa!

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jumpingbananabugs asked: Shoot this arrow▬▬▬► to 10 people you're glad you met. . . If you get 5 back you have a ~ BIG HEART

O-oh my! Thank you so much! I love you too, Mr. Diddy!

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jumpingbananabugs asked: Happy Holidays, KT! Well, I can't really show ya my gift like this, but I got ya your own "Koopa Shell Backpack"! Ya know, just in case of any travelin' ya do and whatnot. Hope ya like it!

O-oh my! It looks just like my shell! Haha, thanks Diddy! I wish I could’ve gotten you something….

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ask-yamask asked: Does it make you sad when people jump on you?

Y-yes! Very! Although, it’s only happened once….It still scares me quite a bit!

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Goodnight Everyone!

Today was another ho-hum day at the Shop….huh, I bet you’re all getting tired of hearing about my shop, huh? Maybe I should find something interesting to do…..

Oh well, goodnight!

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toitlebits-deactivated20120131 asked: Ever think of working for the Koopa Troop?

No, no sir. Never. I’ve heard….discouraging explanations of Bowser’s Army. So, I, um, will politely decline.

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toitlebits-deactivated20120131 asked: © Gimme both~.

I see. My parents aren’t exactly pleased with my course of action growing up. They thought I should become rich….Shopkeeping’s just fine for me!

((Koopa Troopa wasn’t my first choice. Luigi and Yoshi were already taken -_-; but Koopa’s been turning out great!))

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50th Post Spectacular!

Thanks to all of you so much! I’m grateful for all the friends I’ve made. I’ve had so much fun, and I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us!

Happy Holidays!
Koopa Troopa

((No, seriously, thanks. I love all of you. Have a great holiday season, and keep asking questions.))

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frightmouse-bites asked: If you could be a pokemon, which one would you be?

Uh-uhm, I’d like to be a, um, Dragonite. They’re so strong and helpful and cute! Everyone loves them. And I’d love to fly!